Industry-Based Competencies

Below are the industry-based competencies for Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy as presented in Skill Development Module L6.12 of "Foundations for Excellence in the Chemical Process Industries". Upon completion of this Module, the technician will be expected to:

  Core Competencies
01 Write a description of the principles of atomic absorption spectroscopy (AAS)
02 Describe principles of AA that make it useful as an analytical tool
03 Compare a variety of AA techniques commonly used in industry, including flame, graphite furnaces, and vapor generation
04 Describe principles of operation of radiation sources, flames, and detectors and how their characteristics influence the AA analysis
05 Identify requirements for calibration and corrections for interference for elemental analysis using AA
06 Use an AA method to analyze an element in a simple aqueous mixture, including dilution, calibration, analysis, and calculation of results and uncertainty
07 Conduct analyses using AA for both single- and multielement analysis
08 Provide examples of applications of AA in local industry and identify appropriate vendors of AA-related equipment

Each competency above is linked to an explanatory page that details the importance of that competency and recommends educational methodologies.

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